Safety & PPE Products

We live in challenging times, and high-quality, medically-approved safety & personal protective equipment is in high demand. The rush to meet this demand has led to an increase in lower-grade products, as well as disrupted supply chains. Here at tecproduct, we’re proud to protect our customers with a regular and reliable supply of superior safety & PPE products: it’s what we do.

Thermal Grip Gloves
£3.50 Price inc. VAT: £4.20
FFP3 Particulate Respirator Mask – 10 PK
£58.00 Price inc. VAT: £58.00
FFP2 Particulate Respirator Mask – 50 PK
£147.50 Price inc. VAT: £147.50
3-Ply Type IIR Face Mask – 50 PK
£16.50 £12.50 Price inc. VAT: £12.50

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